Twin Bills

Located on the Outer Banks of North Carolina...  One of the best fishing grounds on the East Coast.

The Crew

Willie Foster has been fishing the waters off Hatteras since 1971, when he began charter fishing as a mate with his father and the Albatross Fleet.  At the age of 24, he earned his captain's license and fished with the Fleet until he bought his own boat in 1996, the Ol' Salt. He fished this boat through 2006. At that time, he sold the Ol' Salt and took off 15 months. In 2008, he bought the Twin Bills, a 36 foot Hatteras Sportfish. Catching fish, while seeing people enjoy a day on the water, provides the motivation to still be doing this decades later. Whether you are a seasoned angler or a novice, you are invited to fish with Willie on the Twin Bills. Bring your friends, family or make it a solo trip and get involved with not just catching fish, but experience letting out lines and dehooking your fish as well. Willie is the captain and you and he are the mates. Experience a hands-on fishing excursion as well as the thrill of a Hatteras inshore fishing adventure.



Captain Willie Foster    PO Box 256      Hatteras, North Carolina 27943

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