Twin Bills

Located on the Outer Banks of North Carolina...  One of the best fishing grounds on the East Coast.

What to Expect

Charters aboard the Twin Bills consist of the people in the charter and Captain Willie. No mate is used aboard the Twin Bills.


A steering station and controls located in the cockpit of the Twin Bills provides Willie the opportunity to be readily accessible and involved in the fishing action. The Captain also serves as the mate. Baits are readied and deployed while you watch so you can observe the process. Once fishing, Willie explains the system and shows you how to operate the fishing reels, how to let lines out and crank them in to check for grass, how to change baits, etc. Don't be offended when he lets you know from the bridge that "the long rigger has grass on it". That simply means to crank it in, take it off, let the line back out and put it back in the rigger.

While looking and searching for fish, the captain is on the bridge looking for signs and conditions that usually are productive . When a fish hits, simply pick up the rod, get in the chair and begin the battle. Once the action starts, the Captain will be in the cockpit providing assistance and unhooking fish while still being able to operate the boat.


The goal of Twin Bills charters is that at the end of the day, everyone has had an enjoyable and fulfilling day on the water. Not only will you catch some fish, but you will experience everything involved in a fishing adventure.


The Twin Bills is licensed for no more than six people in the charter. However, charters of four or less allow for more room and more involvement. Call and talk with Captain Willie about Twin Bills charters to find out if this is what you are looking for.


Captain Willie Foster    PO Box 256      Hatteras, North Carolina 27943

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